Ever wondered why you should get your chimney swept on an annual basis?

Blocked up flue

The photo to the right shows how bad the inside of your flue gets.  Depending on the type of 

wood and the moisture content of your wood your flue may need cleaning twice a year. Generally however at the end of the fire season is sufficient. We highly recommend that you clean your flue at the end of each season rather than waiting until the start of the next one. This way there is no corrosive material left in the flue system throughout the entire summer.



Reduced Fire Efficiency

As the creosite and soot builds up in your flue the entire fire stops operating like it should. Your fire will produce less heat and you may get smoke and  gases entering the room.



Reduced Life Of Your Flue System

Aside from this if you don’t regularly get your chimney cleaned your flue system will not last as long. This is due to some of the corrosive chemicals present in the creosite and soot and the fact that any moisture is trapped against the side of the flue. This will prematurely corrode the entire flue system.

Insurance Requires It

Some insurance policies require that you have your fire serviced on an annual basis to ensure there are not any safety issues. Therefore if you do not get your chimney cleaned annually and there is a house fire you may not be covered by your insurance. So that’s a pretty big incentive to make sure you get your flue system cleaned regularly. We can provide documentation to put on your insurance file if required.

Reduced Risk of a Chimney Fire

The Creosite that builds up in your flue system is flammable and has the potential to catch on fire. This then means that fire starts shooting out the top of your chimney and can catch the house on fire. The simplest way to ensure that this does not happen is to have your chimney cleaned on a regular basis. That way creosite does not have a chance to build up to such an extent that it becomes a fire hazard.

Safety Check

When you get your chimney swept the technician will perform a safety check of your entire fire and ensure it is in a safe standard to use.  This includes checking the seams of the fire for splitting or corrosion, the baffle, the fire bricks, damper, flue system etc.  These checks mean that any issues are found early and can generally be repaired for much cheaper than if they are left.

Family Health

If your chimney is not swept regularly then smoke and gases begin to enter the room. This may only be small amounts to begin with but you and your family will still be breathing it in. As the flue gets more clogged the amount of gas and smoke entering the room will increase and can make living in the house quite dangerous. In addition to this the smoke causes discoloration to the paint on the ceilings. It may also permeate the curtains to such an extent that the only way to remove the odor of smoke is to have them dry cleaned.


So has your chimney and fire been serviced in the last 12 months?

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