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ESSE Ironheart

The Ironheart gives out up to 9.7kW to the room depending on fuel type and settings; this heat output is comparable to two medium-sized woodburning stoves. However, it is supplied with a heat screen w..

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The 905 looks beautiful as a stand-alone appliance, but it is so well insulated that you could install it as part of a fitted kitchen. It has a combined oven capacity of 80ltrs and its distinctive hot..

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The 990 heats quickly from cold, has a large log capacity and also incorporates stainless steel towel rail, perfectly weighted, insulated lids over the hotplate and easy-shut door handles. You can eve..

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The 990 CH does not require a conversion system to switch between wood or solid fuel so you have the freedom to fuel it how you see fit! However, for higher temperatures and less frequent reloading, w..

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The Plus 1 looks stunning as a stand-alone unit, but we have developed a range of features which make it perfect for fitting alongside another ESSE. Available in a choice of 20 colours and finished to..

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ESSE Firestone

The ESSE Fire Stone is just the latest in a long history of handmade cookers and stoves that have stood the test of time in cottages and castles, on luxury liners and pioneering expeditions from Tropi..

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Cast Iron Chiminea

For those lazy evenings sitting outside, there is no better compliment to one’s backyard as the original chiminea. Made from solid cast iron and comes in two pieces in a painted finish. Dime..

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