The Platinum Smart-Heat™ Electric complements the look and feel of any home or commercial environment whilst offering a soft radiant heat. Better suited to smaller, more intimate and protected settings this model provides the opportunity to be recessed into the ceiling and thus seamlessly integrate an attractive heating solution into your premises.

  • Heat output 1500kW

  • Subtle design aesthetic with ultra-slim build plus a heating element that is barely noticeable.

  • The non-glowing, glass front allows the unit to seamlessly integrate into any environment.

  • Soft, discrete heat, when combined with weather resilient construction, provides effective all year round solution.

  • Concentrated zones of radiant heat, with adjustable mounting brackets, for precisely directed warmth.

  • Optional Ceiling, Cut to length or custom made
  • Optional Wall/Ceiling kit
  • Optional Recess kit
  • NG or LPG


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