At Ethos our woodfires don't draw their combustion air from the room being heated. Instead the unique Econ-Air Induction Flue System is bi-directional, drawing its air from outside via the flue. Advantages are numerous:

  • No cold drafts
  • No need to vent the room in newer airtight homes
  • Incoming air is pre-heated up to 300°C for greater combustion, higher efficiency and reduced emissions
  • No backpressure and quieter operation in windy areas
  • The fire burns brightly, for greater ambience
  • 2kW Water Booster

Combustion air is drawn from outside the home, down the outer section of the flue system. The incoming air is pre-heated by the hot exhaust gases travelling up the centre of the flue system up to 300°C before entering the firebox.

Using combustion air from outside keeps your warm air inside the home and eliminates the uncomfortable drafts often caused by a conventional logburner.

This sealed air system will not interfere with other ventilation devices in your home, like extractor fans, range hoods, and home ventilation systems.



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