Available as an Open Fronted model with white stone or a glass bead fuel bed; or as a Glass Fronted version, which has the additional choices of a realistic log-effect fire and balanced flue options. The Studio 2 fires produce less heat outputs than those generated by the Studio 3; up to 2.30kW is offered by the Open Fronted models whilst the Glass Fronted fires produce up to 6.90kW.

The near invisible Glass Fronted fires have greatly increased heating efficiency whilst maintaining all the visual appeal of the Open Fronted Studios. The balanced flue make installation possible for most homes, even those without a chimney!

  • Efficiency: 81% Heat output: 2.30kW - 6.90kW 
  • Conventional or Balanced flue
  • Biggest Selling Fire
  • Choose from white stone or realistic log effect 
  • Programmable Thermostatic Remote
  • Optional Black Glass fuel bed stones 
  • Optional frames: Profil Anthracite, Steel 2, Black Glass, Expression, Cool Wall Kit
  • Optional Warm Air Ducting Kit (balanced flue only)


For more details, visit http://www.thefireplace.co.nz/