Ortal’s Space Creator 120 is a stunning way to separate living spaces yet combine them visually, even serving as an indoor/outdoor Creator.

Available in 3 configurations

  • Space Creator 120 (125cm long x 44cm deep x 120cm long)
  • Space Creator 120 Mini (125cm long x 44cm deep x 90cm long)
  • Space Creator 120 Medium (125cm long x 44cm deep x 45cm long)


Standard features:

  • Clear Glass for a clear view of the fire
  • Frameless for a fuller view of the fire
  • Three sided
  • Remote Control - controls ignition, a timer and a thermostat.
  • Battery powered control box - operates during a power cut.
  • Decorative bed for fireplace - your choice of large or small logs, large or small pebbles
  • Balanced flue fireplace - A balanced flue gas fire is room-sealed using a glass front. The flue uses natural ventilation to pull the air from outside and discharge the gas exhaust to outside.

Optional features:

  • Reflecting Interior - to create a more visually pleasing fire.
  • Double Glazing - to keep the outer glass cooler, perfect for public areas.
  • Natural Gas or LPG
  • Mains electrical connection for the control box - no batteries.


For more details, visit http://ortal-heat.com