If you want the best in burning technology, combined with the versatility of more than 200 colour variations, a low emissions burner from Pyroclassic Fires might be just what you need!

The Pyroclassic ceramic fire chamber retains heat like a kiln. This impressive heat storage capacity means you can enjoy the convenience of extended burn times and a consistent release of heat. Reload less and stay warm for longer with a fuel efficiency rate of only 1kg per hour*.


With the inception of the new Pyroclassic Mini this season, smaller homes can now reap the benefits of this unique wood burner, and be fitted with a wetback waterbooster.


  • Suitable for homes less than 120m²
  • Available with a 1.5kW wetback booster
  • Clean air approved low emission burner
  • More than 200 colour variations
  • Very low 0.9kg per hour fuel consumption rate


  • Dimensions: L 452mm x W 455mm x H 625mm
  • Weight: 100kg
  • Maximum heat output: Up to 10kW
  • Useful heat output: 2kW - 6kW
  • Fuel consumption rate: 0.9kg/hr 
  • Emission rate: 0.3g/kg (Dry and Wet)
  • Efficiency rate:
  • 66.5% space heating (Dry) 
  • 67.5% with wetback (58.7% space, 8.8% water) 
  • Air control: Primary & secondary, fully automatic
  • Start up control: Manually adjustable Turboslide
  • Cooktop area: 812cm² - 10mm thick plate


For more details, visit http://www.pyroclassic.co.nz/