The Spartherm double-sided insert is innovative, inspiring and remarkable. Designed with Spartherm’s characteristic finesse,  this woodfire is powerful and warm. The fire looks simple and linear. But the view from the outside belies the technological know-how and thought that has gone into this fireplace. The fire allows views from two sides, making this fire the blazing heart of your home. Spartherm prides itself on looking to the future and responding to our changing world with responsible but boundary-pushing design. Bask in its warmth or admire its unfussy style.

  • This fire heats from both sides. And you can see the flame from both sides. Where to sit? That’s the only question. 
  • Very warm. From both angles. It’s that choice of where to sit again.
  • The decision is made here. Two-sided, but just one door to lift. Bother, there is a choice: the fireplace can be installed with the door facing the room you choose.


For more details, visit http://sparthermfires.co.nz