The  Spartherm Single Wood Fire (Swing Door) fireplace, though slightly smaller than the lift door model, gives you the same sense of the fire being the heart of the home. The fire still has a large glass front, and the more traditional swing door. The design is minimalist, retaining the frameless look and linear feel of Spartherm fires. Though it is the most traditional of Spartherm’s boundary pushing designs, it brings the high standard of savvy and harmonious design that allows your fire to take centre stage. This is a big fire and can take a generous amount of wood, giving you a mesmerising play of flames and making your room a place to relax and bask.

  • The handle speaks to the traditional woodburner while the fire itself screams modern design and advanced technology.
  • Single sounds small. At peak performance 21kw of heat. Now that’s huge.


For more details, visit http://sparthermfires.co.nz