You can see the flames from all round the Spartherm 3-sided fireplace. Its extraordinary design allows for a play with scale, weight, form and light when choosing where to place the fireplace. This fire is a true centre of sensuality allowing you to watch the fascinating interplay of flame on wood. This design is truly a stage for fire with an eye to detail and a passion for design. The Bay fireplace has a lift door and puts out a powerful peak output of 26kW of heat, so it can be the heart of your large living space. Just feel the heat.

  • These fires are so stunning they will leave you wordless.You won’t be able to look away from the flames.  Extraordinary design. Wow. By combining a large glass front with slim edges, Spartherm wood fires you get the maximum amount of flame for your viewing pleasure.
  • And this fire is ridiculously powerful. It puts out an amazing 26kw of heat. Warm. That’s an understatement. Maximum impact in more ways than one. This fire will heat the biggest, most open space you can imagine.

     CoolTouch Panels allow for optimal heat output without damaging your furnishings or wall finishes – and no heat cracks!

  • This fire has a counter-weighted lift door. Straight up. You know how old fashioned double hung sash windows work? The doors feel light to open. It’s a wonderful thing. The effortless glide of the lift door has to be experienced to be believed. So come on in and try it.


For more details, visit http://sparthermfires.co.nz