Brown Jordan

Brown Jordan Flo Portable Fire Pit


Handcrafted to ensure a smooth and consistent finish, Flo’s high-performance concrete tabletop is complemented by a 36” (914mm) linear flame nestled at its centre. Flo’s generous dimensions leave plenty of room for serving ware and its linear design makes it a stunning conversation piece.

Seamless durable design, height adjustable, stunning conversation piece, versatile and easy to relocate, sustainable.


  • Fuel Capacity 9L XL900 Burner
  • Heat Output 4.4KW/H
  • Burning Time 8-13H
  • Consumption 0.8L/H
  • Net Weight 77.8KG
  • Dimensions 165L x 100W x 33.9H


Decorative Glass Charcoal, Jerry Can, Fire Lighter, Lighting Rod, Baffles and 20L of Fuel.