Big Green Egg

Big Green Egg Grilling Slider Basket with Detatchable Handle

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Expand your culinary horizons with Big Green Egg grilling baskets that will enable you to accommodate an incredible variety of foods on your EGG! Perfectly grill everything from delicate fish fillets to mini burgers, mushrooms and other small vegetables … just lock your food into the basket and the entire basket can be turned at once without losing a bite. Both professional-grade stainless steel baskets are fitted with a custom detachable handle designed exclusively to work with the Big Green Egg for The Ultimate Cooking Experience!

People will stand in line for mini burgers cooked on the EGG! Our Mini Burger “Slider” basket holds up to twelve delicious mini burgers or sliders which are fun to make and easy to top with cheese or other creative toppings. Don’t worry about keeping up with a hungry crowd; the basket makes it easy to turn all twelve patties at once and cook them to perfection!