Herschel Select XL – Glass Infrared Panel Heater



The Herschel Select XL glass panel heater is part of our popular and attractive range of infrared radiators, designed to complement any environment and suitable for domestic and commercial installations.

All units combine head-turning good looks with higher energy efficiency and an improved level of heating comfort when compared with other heating systems.

The Select Glass is available in two sizes with a black or white glass finish.  Available Wattage is 500 or 700 Watt units giving a heated area of 9-12 and 13 – 15 m2 respectively.

All units use Herschel COSIX© Cell Technology and have an aluminium rear case using Herschel’s EASY-FIX mounting system.  The front emitting surface is safety glass. All units are guaranteed for 5 years.

The heated areas are a guide only and assume a medium to well insulated space with an average floor to ceiling height of 2.40M.


  • 1,199.00Surface: ESG Safety Glass
  • Frame: Frameless
  • Rear: Aluminium sheet with Herschel Easy-Fix mounting system
  • Cable: 2.5m power cable
  • Voltage: 230-240V, 50/60 Hz
  • Installation: Wall-mounted
  • Protection: IP45