Planika FLA 3 Biofuel Fireplace

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Fire Line Automatic 3 is the ultimate bioethanol fireplace, designed by Planika to fulfil architect’s needs giving unlimited arrangement opportunities.‎ The fireplace can be built in the wall, placed as a piece of furniture or positioned on the ground.‎ FLA3 is available in standards sizes, however couple units can be joined together to create an endless line of natural flames.‎ In addition, the standard steel colour of the Fire Line Automatic is possible to be lacquered with a high-gloss in any RAL tone.‎ 

Manufactured in customised dimensions: from 790mm to 2490mm.

Automatic refill system, Smart device control, Smart Home System compatible, 6 levels of flame height, Optional top colour, BEV technology, Remote control system.


Automatic Fuel Pump, Smartphone/Smarthome Connection and 20L of Fuel.


  • Fuel Capacity 4.3-14.8L Burner
  • Heat Output 4.4-22.5KW/H
  • Burning Time 9-12H
  • Net Weight 24.1-62KG
  • Dimensions 79-249W