Planika L Fire Biofuel Fireplace

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Planika revolutionizes the bio fireplace market once again.‎ With L-Fire we provide you with the easiest solution possible.‎ From now on, you can simply replace your traditional fireplace with a modern bio insert by installing it in an existing wall opening.‎ Any additional connections are not required so you can enjoy natural flames in seconds.‎ And there are no unwanted by-products, including ash, smoke, soot or unpleasant smell.‎ All of this make L-Fire a perfect product for places, where wood stoves are banned.‎

Decorative logs, Automatic refill system, 2 levels of flame height, BEV technology, Remote control system.


Decorative Logs, Automatic Fuel Pump and 20L of Fuel.


  • Fuel Capacity 6L Burner
  • Heat Output 4.4KW/H
  • Burning Time 13H
  • Net Weight 15.2KG
  • Dimensions 55.4W x 31.6D x 20.7H