Planika Pure Flame TV Box Biofuel Fireplace


Enjoy watching your favorite TV show without losing the charming ambience of the fireplace. Pure Flame TV Box is a modern solution to arrange natural flames right under your television. The tested construction ensures that even heat-sensitive objects can be put atop the TV Box. This product combines the features of a modern bioethanol fireplace and the functionality of a cabinet.

Pure Flame TV Box introduces a completely new way to refuel the fireplace. All you have to do is to insert a new fuel container – no manual pumping, no splashes. The fireplace will automatically supply with fuel from the container hidden behind the left door. You can also control the flame just like your TV - with a remote control without the need to get up from the couch.


Decorative Logs, Automatic Fuel Pump and 20L of Fuel.


  • Fuel Capacity 5L Burner
  • Heat Output 5KW/H
  • Burning Time 12H
  • Net Weight 70.6KG
  • Dimensions 185.4W x 40D x 56.2H