Mode gas fires

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Mode corner

Wrapping around the left or right wall, the MODE Corner surprises with its off-centre appeal. Looking to push boundaries? This could be your turning point.

Mode Peninsula

MODE’s three-sided Peninsula fireplace anchors the room, creating a dramatic focal point. It draws the eye, while warming up both the room and the mood.

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Mode Double Sided

Fire-meets-window. This see-through MODE Double Sided fireplace visually connects, and zones, two spaces within one. A generous firebox and 3D Logs add to the drama.

Mode Single Sided

The MODE Single Sided offers exaggerated viewing, accentuated further by mirrored black glass on the back and sides. Featuring 3D Logs for more depth and height of flame.

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The mode differences

MODE gas fireplaces combine high performance heat (9.9kW) with sleek good looks. Luxe finishes, invisible glass and flawless joins enhance the beauty of the flames and high definition fuelbed. When it comes to MODE, the difference is in the details.


Behind the elegance of every MODE masterpiece is a team of skilled New Zealand designers, engineers and technicians. With a commitment to continuous development, MODE values technical innovation as much as aesthetics.


MODE fires have fewer visible joins for a seamless firebox that sits flush with the wall. This makes the fireplace appear embedded into the wall, as if it was written into the architectural bones of your home.


Flexible flue technology gives you the freedom to put a MODE fireplace anywhere in the home. The flues stay cool enough to handle most surround materials too, adding to the design flexibility of every MODE fireplace.