Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable Heater

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It’s neutral black finish, and award-winning design makes it a piece of modern art. The Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Portable heater offers efficient directional heat and a versatile heating solution for the outdoor settings. It’s modular construction with built-in wheels allows for easily manoeuvrability throughout tighter spaces.

Recognised as a market innovator, the Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable is as much a piece of modern art as it is a revolutionary leap forward in portable outdoor heating. A point proven by its induction into the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, Germany. Of course, Bromic’s engineers did not develop this unit for idle display purposes, but to elegantly extend the comfortable use of outdoor areas whilst braving a wide variety of conditions that will unavoidably weather componentry, particularly during storage.

Heat Output

Coverage of up to 20m2, the Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable delivers a widespread heat held of up to 4m wide and 5m deep.


Unique and patented adjustable heat control ensures comfortable heat.


High intensity ceramic burner, delivering optimal heat with minimal heat loss.

Wind Resistance

Specifically built to provide constant and consistent heat in any environment.

Directional Heat

Innovative adjustable tilting head ensures warmth goes exactly where you want it.

Modular Design

Functional and pragmatic, the Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable can easily be assembled, dismantled and stored.