Firenzo bronte top outlet AG/RU Wood Burner

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All prices included Firebox and Tiles

A smaller cousin to the Contessa model. Suitable for average-sized homes with plenty of options to customise to your décor.


  • Large tile options for side3kw hot water heater (rural model only)B
  • ase options: ash drawer, legs or pedestal
  • Silver or black rails, nuts and trim
  • Outside air adaptor
  • Cooktop grill

    Why choose Firenzo:

    • Legendary lasting quality
    • Each woodfire is New Zealand made, hand-assembled and meticulously checked
    • Designed to heat a whole house
    • Produces dry, healthy heat
    • The excellent heat-retention properties of the fully-lined firebox ensure your fire continues to radiate gentle heat, long after the fire has burnt out
    • Can provide substantial hot water on models with hot water heater fitted
    • Tailor the look to suit your home
    • Unlike a pellet fire, it doesn’t need electricity
    • Black firebox with range of tile options for side
    • Cast iron top plate excellent for cooking
    • Homes over 150m²
    • Estimated peak output 18kw
    • Wetback available (rural model only)
    • Quality cast iron top
    • 10 Year Warranty*