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Fireup Radiant Wood Burner Fan

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This self-powered Radiant Wood Heater Fan turns on at temperatures as low as 50°C and is suitable for use with any radiant wood heaters or wood stoves.

Maximising the heat output coming from your wood heater, the Radiant Wood Heater Fan is quiet when operating and can help reduce fuel usage and running costs from your heater while not creating any further running costs or using any energy itself! 

Product Features: 

  • Fast Starting (turning on as low as 50°C)
  • Maximises heat coming from your radiant wood heater
  • Self-Powered
  • Quiet Operation
  • Suitable for use with any radiant wood heater or wood stove
  • Increases efficiency and circulates warmth 
  • Creates its own electricity with no running costs
  • Easy Set Up