Stovax Studio 2 Inbuilt Wood Fire

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See how fantastic modern wood fireplaces can look. There are endless design possibilities. Remember too that wood is a surprisingly good heat solution using a renewable resource and can provide more than 50% more heat than a gas fire. Especially if they are designed as well as these.


  • Urban use, properties of 2 Ha - 4.94 acres or less
  • Efficiency: 66% Heat output: 16.0kW
  • Clean Air Approved for urban areas (ECAN Approval No 133649)
  • Glass fronted with air wash air flow to keep window clean
  • Inbuilt or Freestanding
  • Radiant & convected heat
  • Heating capacity approx: 210m3
  • Alternative layout: Freestanding Zero Clearance Box (ZCB)
  • Additional options: Bench