Mode Corner Gas Fireplace

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The MODE Corner is a two-sided gas fireplace that can wrap around the left or right side of the wall. The corner design is a fresh take on the classic fireplace design and opens your options right up. Balance the fire with a cabinet to the other side, or keep it unsymmetrical to give your design the edge, literally.

  • HEAT OUTPUT 7.8 kW
  • VIEWABLE FIRE SIZE 1050W x 395H x 290D mm
  • APPLIANCE SIZE 1285W x 790H x 350D mm

    Always Connected

    MODE fireplaces can be operated by a smartphone, giving you the power to control your fireplace from anywhere whether you’re at the office, en route or sitting in another room

    Creative Freedom

    MODE fireplaces are so flexible in their design that they can be installed anywhere in a room, with little surround limitations. Using the latest in gas fire technology, the flexible fluing system keeps the surround cool enough and elegant enough to fit beside any material.