Toasted S’more Martini with Vodka


This TOASTED S'MORES MARTINI is as delicious as it is beautiful. With layers of cream, marshmallow vodka, and chocolate liqueur all you need is a biscuit crumb rim!


  • 1 oz. dark chocolate or milk chocolate liqueur

  • 1/2 oz. fluffed marshmallow vodka

  • 1/2 oz. heavy cream

  • hershey's chocolate syrup and crushed biscuits for the rim

  • marshmallows as garnish

  • small bamboo sticks


  • Dip the rim of your glass in the hersheys syrup and then in the crushed biscuit.

  • Pour the chocolate liqueur as slowly as possible over an upside down spoon into the glass.

  • Mix together the heavy cream and marshmallow vodka in a separate container.

  • Pour the vodka mixture as slowly as possible over an upside down spoon to make the layered look (see picture).

  • Place the marshmallow on the bamboo stick as a skewer.

  • Brown the marshmallow slightly over an open flame (or under a broiler). Do not allow to catch on fire.

  • Lay the bamboo stick on the drink and light the marshmallow for effect before drinking. stir together the drink and enjoy!

  • (to make as a shot, half the recipe and use mini-marshmallows)